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  1. andgo

    Spider V20, preset

    I have decided my problem Previosly I used pc windows 7 (with spider remote) + cable (usb type A - usb micro B) + Spider V20. I have had problems with this set up which I have tall earlier. How I solved problem: iPhone (with Spider Remote for IOS) + cable (Apple USB Camera Connection Kit) + cable (USB type A - USB micro B) + Spider V20. After this setup all settigs оn the switch "Preset" had returned (the same as in the manual) Please, soft developers for line 6 pay attention
  2. andgo

    Lost preset original sound

    Hello, do you have such a problem? https://line6.com/support/topic/50647-spider-v20-preset/
  3. andgo

    Spider V20, preset

    You said that I need to make simple load that preset and save it to the amp I did it. Maybe I did it wrong?
  4. andgo

    Spider V20, preset

    I wish to clarify my problem I have the problem with knob “preset”. There are 16 mods ( BASS, ACOUSTIC,CLEAN1/2, CHIME1/2, CRUNCH1/2, CHUNK1/2, INSANE1/2, VIBE1/2, AMBIENT1/2), but in fact I have only four( it doesn’t match the settings which I had after buying it). If I connect my spider 6 to my PC to set it, everything is correct. What should I do to fix it? I see this values on my switch “spider v20” on the “spider v remote”: BASS=bass ACOUSTIC=acoustic CLEAN=chime2:echoes CLEAN2=chime1:class-A CHIME=chime1:class-A CHIME2=chime2:echoes CRUNCH=chime2:echoes CRUNCH2=chime1:class-A CHUNK=insane2:lunatic CHUNK2=insane1:criminal INSANE=insane1:criminal INSANE2=insane2:lunatic VIBE=insane2:lunatic VIBE2=insane1:criminal AMBIENT=ambient1:black hole AMBIENT2=ambient2:glass When I click “f2+f3+save” it doesn’t return to factory settings. ( When I need to click “f2+f3+save”? Do I need to press “f2+f3+save” when “spider 5” is turned on or "Power+F2+F3 and Save”?)
  5. andgo

    Spider V20, preset

    After you install 1.00.3, When I twist the knob "Preset" on the display PC "spider v remote" you see the values are preset names Non-correctly. What to do?
  6. andgo

    Spider V20, preset

    Spider v20. Preset knob problem. Lost settings. Clean-Chime-Crunch-Chunk ..... not match Spider V Remote. FX2 and FX3, press the Save button - no result. HELP me!!