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  1. Thanks ! On this senario I Believe I have to skip the idea of puting a compressor before my pedals (cause i wanted to patch them into one loop. So one loop for the 4cm and the other for the pedals in order to insert them wherever I want in the path)
  2. Thanks I don't wanna use any "physical" cabinet. The torpedo captor has only one speaker simulation (based on a V30 cabinet I think) How could I use some other cab simulation without buying another piece of gear ? Is there a way to go back in the HX after the captor in order to use an IR ?
  3. Hey Is it possible to configure my rig and use my amp (1959slp) without speaker cab, a HX effects (4CM) and a Loadbox (torpedo captor) ? In a perfect world i'd love to set up something like this : guitar=>HX(comp)=>stompboxes(boost,fuzzes)=>HX(modulation,trem)=>amp=>Loadbox=>HX(eq,reverb,delays)=>IR=>P.A or Audio interface it seems possible but I just can't figure out how to patch it in terms of input/output of each device and in terms of signal path in the HX (where do I insert loop,send/return,IR blocs) thanks for the help cheers
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