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  1. I'm brand new at home recording, so please, be patient with me. I've been asked to record some guitar and sax tracks into Band Lab, and I haven't the slightest idea of what I need to do so. I have an older laptop running Windows 7. I have a POD HD500, into which I guess I can run both my guitar and a microphone for the sax. Will the HD500 serve as the AI, or do I need to buy an external one?
  2. I had a problem trying to load HD500 drivers through Monkey. Tech Support told me to bypass Monkey altogether, and get them directly from the website.
  3. Thank you. I did a Google search for "5mm unthreaded trem bar". I guess I just didn't use the right words.
  4. I recently opened a support ticket for this very thing, and received a message from "Pete" that there is nothing there that can help me. I thought that crowd-sourcing the users might dredge something up. It's really frustrating having such a well crafted instrument, and not being able to use it to its fullest capability.
  5. I called LRBaggs. They only made the saddles, not the bridge itself. @psarkissian, any suggestions?
  6. I have spoken with both Line 6 and Full Compass. No one will tell me what the diameter of the bar in the photo is. All they will tell me is the JTV-69 bar is NOT compatible with the Variax 700, and the 700 bars are not available.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get a vibrato bar for my Variax 700 electric? I've contacted Line6 support, Reverb, and several major retailers, to no avail.
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