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  1. Got it fixed. Changed the dip switch inside for tip, then had to set the minimum to 10 and maximum to 0. Now it works with heal at 0 and toe at 10. Weird.
  2. On HX Stomp I am trying to control the amp channel volume with an expression pedal so I don't have to use a volume block. I'm using a Dunlop mini volume pedal. When I select the amp channel parameter and try to learn the pedal, it gives me 0 in heal down, rises to 10 about mid way, and then goes back to 0 at toe down. How do I get it to go from 0 at heal down to 10 at toe down? I'm plugged into the AUX port on the Dunlop with just a standard TS patch cable.
  3. I went with the Cioks DC-7 which has 7 outputs each capable of 0.66 mA at 9V. I combined two outputs for an HX Stomp, two outputs for an HX Effects, one output for G50 wireless, one output for a Zoom MS-60B in an effect loop off the HX effects, and one output for a Boss TU-3 tuner. Could certainly daisy chain more off the tuner to add anything else. Sweetwater had the cables to combine the two outputs to double the current, and the larger "yellow end" cables to get to the 2.5mm pin on both the Stomp and Effects without having to do anything about polarity changes.
  4. I have both the HX Effects and HX Stomp. Anybody have a good block setup for Steve Harris bass tone?
  5. Ok, got it. Thanks. Does the HX Stomp have a global output level, or is it the same as HX Effects?
  6. Just got a new HX Effects. Maybe I missed it in the manual, but how do you adjust the overall output level. I didn’t see it in the Global settings. Or do I just need to put a volume block at the end of the chain?
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