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  1. Maybe I just love shiny new toys but my current setup is * Fullerton + closed back ir + dhyana drive: My clean to dirty amp. Dhyana on footswitch, exp on drive. * Grammatico + open back ir + heir apparent: My mildly dirty to dirtier amp. Heir on footswitch, exp on drive. Replaced lonestar. * Revv red: My metal to more metal amp. Footswitch on aggression 1/3, exp on drive. Replaced archetype. * Svt4: Bass! I have it set to neutral bass sound with a footswitch on the bright for a clang. The ultra low switch is a third voice if I want it. This is everything I want from a clean bass amp but I'm still picking out a dirt sound for it. Replaced the B-15NF. I'm surprised that I'm landing on all 4 new amps. Like I said maybe shiny new toy syndrome. All 3 guitar amps are working well with both a strat and a bass vi which is pretty great. The tilt eq at the end for extra tweaking is also a pretty neat trick. It could be fun to put it on a footswitch for a second voice. The tuner used to lose tracking and show D quite a bit on basses and that seems to be working much better. I did brick on the first update though. Had to boot with the page> button and then the updater could see my stomp again.
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