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  1. veka062

    Wah settings!!!

    I tried that but than lost depth of Wah
  2. veka062

    Wah settings!!!

    Hi How to set wah that only work from maybe from 70% to 100% without losing some of wah sound.
  3. veka062

    BEST IR?

    What are best IRs on Ownhammer? And what you think about this pack https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=183&products_id=403
  4. May be stupid question but how to use wah and pitch shift at the same time? In my preset I use Pitch shift to tune down a guitar but when I hit expression pedal to use Wah, Pitch Shift go Bypass.
  5. Is there any effect that I can create that behind sound of guitar playing?
  6. There are no rules. I usualy use some Ir cabinet with Helix cabinet. For me it has bigger and better sound. You can try everything.
  7. veka062

    Helix Sustaine

    Any good advice for really big suistaine? May be some imitation of Fendandes sutainer pickups in Helix?
  8. Actualy I want to record something and put it in a loop. Than continue to edit and make my preset. I found for now, only option to do this is Reamping metodh. Is there any other option?
  9. Hi I just need preferences for this. What to select in Helix an d what in Ableton. TNX Helix Reamping in Ableton
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