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  1. I am speculating on the use of a Powercab 112+ with a second Powercab 112 for more enhanced stereo separation in complement with XLR Stereo Out for the house, and would like to hear from anyone else that has experimented with using stereo amp configurations. What follows is based on using two standard analog amp + speaker combinations. While this can benefit typical spatial, modulation, time delay effects stereo imaging, my greater priority is use of expression pedals to morph from one timbral effect to another, smoothly across time and space. This will sometimes be morphing from a mono center to a shocking contrast in stereo as well as the movement of one mono timbre to an added or different effect across space. Though the effects possible at the time were much simpler, I personally attended Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Yes, and Emerson, lake, and Palmer concerts where experiments with stereo sound were very effective, noticed and discussed for a long time afterwards. While most progressive made use of stereo separation on albums it was Jimi Hendrix use on Electric Ladyland that had a huge impact on me on a more visceral level with his bouncing distorted echo from one speaker to another while also changing the effects used on it. Since I extensively use MIDI Guitar controllers, a more contemporary example s Arturia Pigments soft synth which lets me morph between distinctly different engines and filters, or morph from two version of a sound, from a straight to an arpeggiated version of that sound. Then there is the Arturia PolyBrute analog synth's polyphonic morphing ability where within a preset you can smoothly flex from one complex timbre to a radically different one. I use HX Stomp multi effects and Powercab Modelling to sculpt the feel and sound out of synthesizers to make them more recognizably guitar-like in expression.
  2. I have a unique MIDI Guitar Controller that I use hardware and software synthesizers with and pedalboard built around an HX Stomp. Can a frequency divider be used as the last part of the signal chain to send Mids and Highs to a Powercab Plus and the Lows to a powered bass cabinet, such as a Hartke HD150 · Bass Combo?
  3. Does the signal from a Fishman Fluence SSS 6-string set benefit from a buffer before the HX Stomp?
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