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  1. Hi, Has anyone tested iPadOS 14.5 with the sonic port vx? Is it still working? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys!! A friend of mine also updated to iPadOS 14 and his sonic port (not VX) is also working perfectly. I'll update my iPad too and test my sonic port VX and let you know how it goes soon...
  3. I was about to update my ipad to 13.7, but 14 is now the only option, has anyone tested it? Thanks
  4. My friend confirms all is working well, he's using an iPad and the standard sonic port, not vx. How about you, which devices are you using?
  5. I'm still on 13.4.1, but I asked a friend to check as he already updated to 13.7, but hasn't tested the sonic port yet... I'll let you know about the outcome once he comes back to me.
  6. Yeah,I'mahappycampertoo!!Alongdisruption,butallgoodnow!AsasafetymeasureI'vedisabledmyiPadOSautomaticupdates. Apologies for the messed up writing... ;)
  7. I opened a ticket about this and got the below reply from Line6 support: Hi, We don't test it there anymore but it should work fine with Sonic Port products. The main issue we’ve had is with iOS 13, which was resolved now with the latest release of iOS 13.4 from Apple. iOS 12, for iPad and iPhone have worked fine in the past Best regards Line 6 Support Europe
  8. Tested Garage Band and Mobile Pod apps, all are working great! Has anyone tested the newly release iPadOS 12.4.6? Does it work ok? Note: iPadOS 12.4.6 was released on March 24, 2020, for devices that don't support iOS 13. Many Thanks
  9. @dcho @asphodelos Many thanks!! I will test it tomorrow, sonic port (not vx), iPad, mobile pod and garage band apps.
  10. Apple will release iOS & iPadOS 13.4 final version on the 24th of March. If someone will test it please share the results here? Thanks
  11. My apologies, I see that the official version hasn't been released yet.
  12. Hi guys, Has anyone tested the iPadOS 13.4 official version and does Sonic Port still work? In the public beta it works I know, but the iPad has been slowing down, so I wonder if the public beta is causing this slow performance and would like to try the official released version. Thanks
  13. Finally, iPados 13.4 public beta resolved the issue!
  14. This is so frustrating, I got a Sonic Port and an iPad 6th gen to work on my music and now these have stopped working together, I hope this is fixed soon, if not I’ll go back to using analog stuff and screw the digital. I have spent too much money on different digital solutions which stop being supported within a couple of years. I’m hoping Apple doesn’t let me down.
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