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  1. I've recently started using an HX-Stomp with a Boss RC-500 loop-pedal, and want to use MIDI to sync preset changes between the two devices. I've set the RX / TX MIDI channels to 1 on both devices, and am using the RC-500 to send Program Change messages to the HX-Stomp. I've read the manuals for both devices, and made the appropriate settings (I think!!), so that when I change presets on the RC-500 it should also change presets on the HX-Stomp. It's not working though... As far as I understand, the RC-500 automatically sends a Programme Change message when I switch presets, corresponding to the patch number. So if I switch from RC-500 Patch 1 to Patch 2, it automatically sends a PC:002 message, which should change the HX-Stomp to preset 2...or have I misunderstood this? I'd be really grateful for any advice. This is my first attempt at using MIDI to sync devices! The only other problem I can think of is that the cable I'm using might not be suitable; I didn't buy the official BMIDI-5-35 cable recommended in the Boss manual, but purchased (new) a similar cable on Ebay for 1/3 the price...
  2. Thanks for posting this - it makes sense now!
  3. Thanks for your replies! I have been trying to explain this in terms of editing within the HD500x. I have now also gone into the Edit programme: here I can see in the Amps tab, the Exp-2 has been assigned to the channel volume. However, there is no option in the dropdown menu above the ch vol knob to re-assign the pedal, or switch it off. Likewise, if I go into the Control Assign screen on the HD500x, it will not allow me to alter the CTL:AMP A setting. So my question still is, how do I change this setting? I have already read page 3.7 and 3.9 in the manual, and cannot see this information.
  4. I may not have explained very well...I know that there's a channel volume, and a master volume, what I can't find is where the pedal has been assigned as a volume controller within the presets
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply. So, where would I find the channel volume? In the mixer? I can't enter the Controller Assign Screen when I select the mixer in the signal-flow view and double-press 'move'. I have scrolled through all the active FX blocks in one of the patches where the pedal is controlling the volume, gone into the Controller Assign Screen, and it is showing that the controller is off for all of the active FX, as well as the amp. ****EDIT**** Further to writing the above, I have gone into the Amp edit screen, and can see that the pedal is moving the channel volume. I am assuming this is where the pedal has been assigned? If so, is it the CTRL: AMP A setting that I am seeing at the bottom-right of the display that needs changing? And if so, how do I do this? I've tried turning the no. 4 button below the display but this isn't doing anything... Are there no global assign settings for the pedal then?
  6. I have just bought a used HD5000X on Ebay (first time using a Line-6 board), and am having trouble configuring the Pedal. The Pedal wasn't doing anything when I first switched on the HD500X, so I calibrated it according to the instructions in the advanced manual, and it is now functioning (I think) as a global volume control. I can't see anything in the manual about how to switch this off? I want to be able to assign Pedal control for individual FX in each patch, without the pedal also acting as a volume control. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious here, but I'm a newbie, so any advice would be much appreciated!
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