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  1. Sheriton, Thank you so much. It's fairly straightforward once you know. Brilliant.
  2. Thanks Steve, I read the section in the pilots guide but got somewhat confused - another re-read is probably required. You may be correct about the (oh) - my eyes aint what they used to be. We are going to set the system up elsewhere and have a good check of everything. Thanks again
  3. Hi, During a recent show we had two mics occasionally dropout. The other two were extremely stable. All four receivers are rack mounted together. We believed all settings are set the same but noticed the two stable receivers had a T and square box in the top right of the LCD screen while active. I see no reference to this in the manual except for when channel scanning - indicating XD-V70-class transmitter already on and using that channel (or other Line 6 wireless systems operating in RF1 mode) We did the usual checks for antenna placement, connector wiring etc. It is just the icons which we are unsure about. Thank you
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