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  1. First I haven't tried the Line 6 Powercab but I own a Laney LFR-112. It's a great frfr with a more classic guitar cabinet look (If you don't turn the LED on;-)) I have owned Alto TS-210 keep blowing that up and it's sound was lacking. I have af Yamaha DXR10 and the Laney LFR-112 now. I can say that building my sounds on the DXR10 at home and bringing them to rehearsal to my Laney I don't have to tweak anything. I love my DXR-10 and can certainly get a "amp in the room" fell with either cab and just as good sound with the Laney. The 100 watt DXR is pretty much matched by the 500 watt Laney loudness wise. So as mid priced cabs goes I really would recommend both Laney and DXR10. I'm considering the LFR-212 for gigs with lacking PA. I have used my cabs with Amplifier, AX8, Stomp and Floor and they all sounded great thru the cabs. I play mostly hard rock and I play loud:-) and i'm matching the band without the PA to boost my sound. I used to use a 100 watt tube Marshall amp with a big 1936 2X12" speakers. The Laney is moore bulky than the DXR10 and weighs moore. So conclusion: I would certainly recommend Laney LFR-12, what a great bang-for-buck frfr.
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