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  1. I think it would be best to set up all of your amp sims and EQs in your modeller and then run in to the Powercab in FRFR mode - the output to the PA will then replicate what is going to the PC i have just done this set up on my Helix & PC at rehearsal so will hopefully be trying the output from PC to PA at this weekend’s gig if you are using the speaker sims on the PC I believe you can still do some sculpting of the sound and then you will get the “speaker sim” sound coming out the PC for an “amp in the room” feel and the output to the PA will be the PC speaker sim + a mic sim to give a better sound for the PA
  2. Another post to say a big thanks to @rd2rk Had a go at tweaking my presets for use in FRFR mode What a fantastic experience - had to mainly increase volumes of presets compared to LF RAW mode and some slight EQ / affect adjustments (mainly reducing mix levels of reverbs and delays) - and then just WOW I got some AMAZING sounds and surprisingly the feel was much better than expected as it wasn't technically the "amp in the room" setup
  3. Hi all I am one gig down with the 212 Powercab and very happy so far i am still tweaking preset/snapshot levels in the Helix and wondered if the there was a way (using L6 Link) to control the Powercab output volume? I need to turn up slightly during a song and had the Helix Floor volume at max - so the only way to turn up was to get to the Powercab volume knob (which was awkward in a small space as the cab was behind the drums and it was during a song) i doubt it is possible as it would obviously get the levels “out of sync” with the actual volume control on the PC Should I set the volume on the Helix at 75% during soundcheck to give me somewhere to go if I need to quickly globally turn up? - will this affect the tone if I am set to keep the input indicators yellow at full Helix volume? Any recommendations for the best approach from those gigging with the Powercab?
  4. Sooo - first gig down and I am VERY happy with the Powercab 212 It is plenty loud enough for a pub gig and it sounded great I still need to tweak a few preset/snapshot volume levels but all good in LF RAW mode The next challenge is to build a suite of presets to use with the FRFR mode....
  5. Thank you sooooooo much @rd2rk Your timing couldn't have been better - I am at the gig setting for sound check as I am typing so this all REALLY useful info I will report back after the gig......
  6. Hi all I have been playing for the last few years with my Helix floor going into the loop return of a Blackstar Series One 45w combo with 2 x 12 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers (with some presets without Helix cab sims and some with if it sounds better) I had one rehearsal with the Powecab 212 to prepare for a gig this weekend so activated cab sims on all presets and had the intention of using FRFR via the L6 Link from the Helix Floor However, I found this a little “dark” and muddy on all presets - and was surprised (and a bit disappointed) that the global EQ on the Helix did not affect the sound via L6 Link :-( LF Raw mode seemed to give the best sound - even with the cab sims enabled on the Helix. It was brighter, which was surprising as I thought LF RAW disengaged the tweeter and FRFR has it turned on??) So I rebalanced my presets to get the input LEDs into the yellow, which meant the PC212 was turned up halfway to cut through with the band using this approach, and I have to say it sounded AWESOME! So I am very happy to gig with this setup for now - and then revisit the FRFR thing when I have more time between gigs My questions are... With this setup is the LF RAW mode pushing out stereo? My presets are balanced at different volumes for rhythm, lead etc. If I run an XLR from the out of the PC 212 to the PA will the signal be be the LF RAW sound (presumably with a mic sim applied?) and will it increase and decrease in volume with the different output levels of the different presets /snapshots I noticed everything sounded better with the amp tilted back on the legs - do most people do this when playing live? is there anything else I need to know before my first gig?? Thanks in advance
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