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  1. What I intended is ... I work for example on a patch at home, get a sound that looks fine to me.... Then I go to studio with my band, where I plug helix into the mixer that is connected to a couple of Alto TS312 I try the patch... and it sounds horrible or completely different if I am lucky! Today at home for space reasons I've no chance to find out a fixed place where to create a home-studio setup. I completely trust in Helix great sound capabilities.....indeed the lack is in not in helix itself, but in what and how I connect to it at home. Today I use 2 options at home 1) studio Technica headphones (I cannot remember the mode), or 2) connect helix from mono 1/4 out to the return of a little marshall DSL1 in order to bypass Marshall Preamp. I know this is not a good setup for Helix and similar devices... however I'd like to find a good setup that can produce a realistic sound...I mean quite the most similar I can (without chance to arrange a fixed place) to what I will get when I plug in the mixer with my band. So, what I was thinking is somithing like Helix plugged directly into a Powercab 112 ... or other similar spekers (I see lots of them over the internet, ie Laney LFR-112, RedSound RS-LG12, Kemper Kabinet). Can this be a good solutions? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys! I know that there are already tons of topics on this subject. So sorry for this new one! My question is...what's the best BUT SIMPLE home setup for our Helix in order to get patches that sound similar to real life?? Limits are space and budget, so I'd like to understand the simplest and budget conscious way to connect my helix to "something" at home ....with this aim in mind! Thanks!!
  3. Dear Guru, I upgraded firmware to 3.11 myself a few weeks ago, without any factory reset. Then when I faced the issue 1 week ago, I rised a ticket to tech support and they suggested 1) backup 2) reinstall firmware 3.11 2) factory reset (foot switch 9-10 hold down on boot) I've done all of this and the issue is still occurring. I've read that someone suggests to reinstall and reinstall firmware 3.11 .... but in my opinion this is a nonsense. When you install a firmware on a machine...it must work! At the end of the day we are speaking about a computer... and if we need to keep on reinstalling firmware to solve an issue.... This is a nonsnese! This would mean that the firmware is a disaster!?... and that when we will make the next update....our Helix unit could transform into a nigthmare! If this happens... I believe that we should receive an alert from Line6 on Homepage that there are relevant bugs in the firmware 3.11! But I believe this is not a software issue
  4. TechSupport suggested to do at first a factory reset and then to reinstall firmware 3.11. I've done this and everything seemed to be fine until I was trying to switch among factory presets. Both in presets mode and stomp modes, using foot switches to activate or deacatived single effects in factory presets. Consider that I've not done a restore at the moment, so my Helix is empty. No user presets, no IR, nothing! Only factory resets. However, today I tried to create a user preset, just adding some blocks via Helix Edit (version 3.11)... Suddenly the same issue. Helix unit has switched off and reboot many times!! It's really random..... The only recurring condition I noticed is that this happens when dealing with user's presets......... But I cannot sware this is not just a coincidence!! So I rised another ticket and they answered this could be an hardware problem, so I went to reseller and now they will send it to assistance center.... Let's see.... I'm not confident at all because it's really hard to recerate the conditions.... and even if they let the unit running for 2 days.... the issue could not occur..
  5. thanks all for your answers!!! I noticed that tihs shut down occurs when using foot switches to access single effects in a user created RIG. Today I rised a ticket and first suggestion was to reinstall firmware and a factory reset.....Let's see what happens I'll keep informed!
  6. Hi All, my Helix floor randomly shuts down and restarts... this is really hard to manage while playing! I've recently updated it to 3.11 firmware, but sometimes this has happened also before. I've tried to check for power supply cable and connectors integrity, to unplug it and plug it again...but apparently everything is ok. I've also tried to switch off Helix unit, disconnect everything for 2 or 3 minutes, and then to switch on. Il works fine for some minute and then the problem occurs again. I didn't notice any particular condition while this issue happening, such as volumes, temperatures, particular cables connected or any particular setup.... Just using it exactly like dozens of other times! But, if in the past this has happened a couple of times...and it didn't create particular concern.... Now this occurs randomly, but with a frequency that the unit is really impossible to use!! As I read somewhere (I can't remember) that some user had similar issue, but that also other Helix systems have similar issue, have you ever had similar situations? Thanks for attention!
  7. Hi Guys. I've bougt my new HELIX and moving my first steps to learn and use it! I am interested in using it with my Hughes and Kettner Grandmaister 36, in particular connecting Helix to amp's FX Loop return, so using my tube amp only as power amp. The question is not about other ways to connect… I know the 4CM, I know connection in front of amp…I know that everyone has his own preferences….but my necessity is to connect in the amp's fx loop return. OK… I've a simple question, becouse I've read tons of articles, posts, spent hours on YouTube videos… but without finding the answer :) If I connect from HELIX 1/4 mono out to amp's FX Loop return,.....what should I select in global settings INS/OUTS? Instrument or Line? Thanks for your attention and feedbacks!
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