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  1. Even with nothing connected at all there's still a lot of noise. I tried both with a computer and/or iPad connected to the Helix, but other than checking for firmware updates I've not connected anything USB to the PC+. The funny thing in my case is that regardless of where I have the volume knob, the noise is exactly the same. It's just a background noise that always exists when it's on.
  2. I have purchased a Powercab 212+ and it just seems noisy/hissy. In the quiet room I'm practicing in, I can hear noise from 6-10 feet away. With the volume turned to zero. Connected to a Helix via the digital AES connection, with the Helix's volume also turned to zero. (Verified that I have the latest firmware, etc.) My expectation with a $1400 FRFR speaker is that when I turn it on with no signal and the volume pegged at zero I should have a quiet piece of gear. This seems to be getting worse over time as well. Is this the experience that others are getting or do I have a dud?
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