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  1. Thanks for that. I see now that the presets that will work have a 4CM prefix in the name.... Cheers
  2. Hi - I found a video to add one and that worked :) So was I just getting the pre amp signal only? I guess I will need to add into every preset I use then... Cheers.
  3. Hi I am just using it with the out of the box presets at the moment and I don't thing there is a FX Loop Block in the chain that I can see.
  4. Hi - I Have recently got a HX Effects and cabled it up via the 4CM. I am getting sound but I have a Marshall TSL with 3 channels. When I change the channels on the amp (using a marshall footswitch), the sound doesn't change. Its as its just going through the HX and not reflecting if I change the Amp channel form say clean to crunch. I suspect its something to do do with signal path but not sure where to start. I feel like such a newbie wit this stuff so apologies if dumbarse post. Any obvious errors? Thanks
  5. Worked out thanks mate. I updated firmware to .82 as well and it all seemed to behave itself. Just got to play around with it now. Cheers
  6. Awesome - thanks for the quick reply. Will try out...)
  7. Hi - I feel like a complete ignoramus as I don't understand half the stuff in here about loops / IR's whatever whatever...) I got my hands on a HX effects with a view to replacing the bulk of my pedal board which was basic enough; guitar > Tuner > wah > boost > OD > compressor > into a marshall TSL 100 input socket > modulation > delay in the TSL FX loop. I want to replicate a similar set up with the HX but cant work out whether I need 4 cm (which is what I have now in the pedal board set up above) or 3 and how to get the mod and delay in the FX loop and the rest in outside the Fx loop. Also if I keep my tuner and boost pedals before the HX... Once I have that sorted, I then need to play around with these effects and how they sound in the 3 amp channels (clean / crunch / lead) in the amp. If anyone else is using the pedal with a Marshall / fx loop it would be great to get some tips on a good simple set up that sounds good as that was the objective. I tried it last night for 2 hours, sounded terrible. I tried with 4Cm - got no sound so did a factory reset with my FX loop on the amp. Tried basic 2 cable in and out and it sounded terrible (big volume changes, just not nice tone ((. I saw all the YouTube videos of them sounding amazing so if anyone can get me up and running - I owe you :) Many thanks Mike
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