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  1. Had the AMPLIFI 75 for around a day, my christmas present, worked fine without phone then moved up stairs connected with phone and tried to update cus it told me to, the update was interrupted by bluetooth being disconnected this then cause 4 white lights to consistently flash, i then tried a factory reset like everyone is saying to do (doesn't work) I have only a ios and a laptop (windows 10) i do not have the cable which is not provided and can't get one cus all shops are closed on Christmas day and some boxing day, i really wanted this amp to work but had disappointment when i had to spend my entire christmas watching youtube vids and being bored, i have tried multiple methods the fix all this including retrying different updates, deleting and reinstalling the app, trying factory reset yet no lights on the master volume knob and when trying new updates the bar is stuck at the start, left for 1 hour and doesn’t change positions. PLS HELP anyone
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