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  1. Hi Line6 community. I have some issues on my Amplifx100, I was doing a firmware update via my pc and accidentally the power supply was cut off and since then I can't able to use my effects. I was trying to connect it as well on the pc but somehow it can't detect my device, however I can't also connect to the Bluetooth device as well. Can somebody help me on this issue or either give me other support on what should I do next. Really appreciate your help Line6 community.
  2. Hi guys. I have a big problem with my Amplifi fx100. I was trying to update the firmware and suddenly power supply was cut off and i can't able to use all the footswitches keeps on blinking and there's an "t" sign flashing on the lcd display. And its not even turning on.
  3. Hi Line 6 community, I recently had a problem on updating the firmware of my Amplifi FX100. I was updating the firmware and suddenly the power supply was accidentaly cut off during the update. All of the footswitch just keep on blinking and I cannot able to connect it through my phone and use the fx as well. Can anyone help me on this situation, or how can I able to reset it. A big thanks for your help. Cheers!
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