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  1. I am using the helix and the power cad plus just exactly as you are thinking about doing. I load my York IR's in the power cab and select loaded IR locations from HX edit. I am going to FOH from the power cab, so I am getting exactly what I am hearing from the cab to front of house. Yes there is a little more work when creating patches, but I really enjoy that kind of thing. When creating a patch I have both the helix and the power cab connected via usb to the my PC. I have HX edit and Power Cab edit running at the same time. The reason for that is so I can select the exact IR in Power Cab edit that I can't see in HX edit. You can see the number selected in HX edit but not the names of the IR. You can see the name in Power Cab edit. It instantly edits your selection from power cab edit to HX edit, just make sure your helix is connected to your power cab. I save the patch at that point. I edit whatever else I am doing in HX edit. To tell the truth this is so much dang fun. Like having all this gear you could never own with this system. Hoping to get a Variax soon to cover everything guitar wise. Also maybe looking in the getting another power cab to run two in stereo. Working on the logistics for front of house on that.
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