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  1. Just an FYI, this is still an issue in June 2020 because the last software update was done in 2018 and this is now vapourware. RIP very good, but now completely useless practise amp. Line 6 - just wanted to put doing things like this into perspective. Lockdown got me and the guys from the band talking about a reunion after 15 years. Back in the day, we didnt have modelling amps but Ive been practising on my Amplifi for a few years now so Ive been playing more with finding tones to match the songs we used to play and this has been so frustrating, the phone has nearly hit the wall several times now. With this in mind I was looking at getting a Line 6 FBV and maybe even a G75 relay to replace my pedal boards. Instead, I'll be buying the Fender GTX 100 and another brand of wireless receiver and you've just lost a customer for life.
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