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  1. Does the new JTV69 variax fit the older gigbags that came with the Variax 500 guitars? I noticed the headstock is longer than the older 300, 500 and 700 Variax guitars. I like the older gigbag with the extra storage pouches and the extra protection over the newer gigbags plus the white color will so looks real dirty fast. Has anyone tried putting the JTV in the older gig bags? Thanks John
  2. I got the Shoreline Gold JTV69S (Scratch & Dent) with 36 mos financing from Sweetwater and also got the $150 rebate from Line 6. My guitar never was scratched or dented. Sweetwater rec'd it with electronic DOA or intermitten. They sent it out for factory repair via authorized Line 6 and sent the paperwork with the guitar. I was amazed to pick up such a fantastic deal and it all comes with a 24 month warranty at no extra cost. It connected to Line 6 Monkey and Workbench with no problems and was already updated when I received it. Unbelievable!!!!!!
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