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  1. This has been posted somewhere before (perhaps on the FB group)... I know this because I am a massive Thrice fan!!! The conclusion was 'no' they aren't available :( I also posted a similar comment as last time saying that I think if we got Dustin's patches we may be a little (very little) disappointed. The great thing about Thrice is how everything sits in the mix, not just one guitar tone on its own. Having said that, I'd download his patches in a heart beat, so here's hoping!
  2. shan86

    Wah setting issue

    Thanks, I'll have another read through the manual and try again with the global settings.
  3. shan86

    Wah setting issue

    Hey metallikid, I think I may be getting somewhere with needing to alter some global settings. Here's the approach I'm after; I have Preset 'A' and within it I have snapshots A1, A2, A3 & A4. I don't mind how the wah engages, for example lets say I set it like you have, where as soon as the pedal is less than 97% to toe it engages. Let's say I'm in A1 and rocking the pedal between 30% - 60%, and leave it at 50%. Then switch to A3, I would like the wah to stay engaged and only go off when i go back to the 100% position. I really just want the wah to be independent of the snapshop. Just like it would be if I plugged a crybaby in before the helix. thanks for your help
  4. shan86

    Wah setting issue

    Hi Phil, I'm on 2.82 Iv'e managed to work out snapshots, stomp box, HX edit etc... But this Wah thing is driving me nuts! All I want is EXP1 to be active wah, EXP2 to do nothing and be able to switch between snapshots without it being affected.
  5. shan86

    Wah setting issue

    Hi All, I'm having an issue with assigning the wah on my LT using HX edit, and would greatly appreciate some help. IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS! I have built a generic 'go-to' preset, using 4 snapshots and 4 stomps. Much like the 4 stomps, I would like to the wah to only be on EXP1, and be able to switch it independently of the 4 snapshots. If I select a preset snapshot, it defaults to EXP2, when I press the toe switch, it turns to EXP1 and the wah works, just as it should. If I push the toe switch again it turns the wah off and all is good. HOWEVER, if I am using the wah and flick to another preset, it all goes pear shaped! Suddenly the wah is on, but the foot pedal has no effect. This carries on until i go right out the preset and then back into it. I must just be missing some simple setting like a snapshot bypass or something? Thoroughly frustrated, Shannon
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