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  1. Being that these buttons are big, and easy to hit, is it really necessary to have to taller buttons in the back row? I am thinking that additional height might be overkill. I am seriously thinking about getting a dozen of these in the white/clear for my Helix, but am thinking of getting all 12 in the shorter height.
  2. I would absolutely LOVE the "Line 6 Helix Signal Flow T-Shirt", but they are currently only available in small or medium. I would like to know when they will be available in larger sized, or if they are available through another source. I really NEED one of these. :) Seems like they should give one of these with any Helix purchase, as part of the product registration. If a musician is spending $1500 for a Helix, why not give them a shirt, so they can be seen wearing by other potential customers? None the less... I would happily pay for one, if only they were available in more sizes.
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