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  1. i cant go thru that complicated system to support, not working by me, tryed everything, they build that system to not to need to help your customers, products are well but the support is bad
  2. Anyone from Line6 support there? Please i need to help mount XD-V75 in the rack. Where can i buy rack mount kit for XD-V75 ?
  3. Am using Line6 G90 for violin, XD-V75 system for Guittar, together with Shure dual wirelless BLX/BETA58A system for singig at the same time on the stage, and its working in common conditions /1-20m/ without any interferences.
  4. Hallo, can i use for XD-V75 wirelles system the Line6 G55/V55 rackmount kit? Thank you. Tom
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