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  1. Riderboy i am having the same issue and can not find a solution. I went to Tom Lee music to try foot pedals for the first time. I tried the Big Muff on a fender tube amp because the store did not have a Line 6 DT25. The sound was just like the smashing pumpkins and other bands that i listen to from the 90's. I decided to hold off on purchasing the pedal and opted to try it at Long and Mcquade because they did have my DT25 that i could try the pedal on. I must say that because there is a gain setting built into the DT25 regardless of whether you are on the clean channel 1 or distorted channel 4 the big muff pedal did not sound at all like it did on the fender amp at Tom Lee music. The pedal actually sounded terriblw on the DT 25 altogether. Now i am curious if the DT25 sounds terrible with fuzz pedals because it has no gain free channels on it or am i missing something here? Is there a better way to use fuzz and other foot pedals on the DT25 besides plugging them into the input on the front and putting it on channel 1? I am no expert but i feel like because all 4 channels of the DT25 have a gain knob that can't be deactivates even in clean mode that this is what is causing the terrible effects on what should be great sounding fuzz pedals. Any suggestions on how to get better sound on the DT25 when using an analog effects foot pedal?
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