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  1. It does work now. I didn't have to unplug the footswitch though as long as the effect is ON. I'm honestly confused cause it now works with my others presets... and not sure what changed. Anyway, I still changed a few things within them now that I understand how the signal chain flow through everything and put the FX Loop 1 after the pre-effect (Overdrive pedal or whatever), then the other effects after that. Now, I'm using the helix at full volume. But the volume of the USB is way too loud like that so I reduce it to -25DB in order for it to be mangeable at 50% volume on my PC. Not sure if that's normal or not but it goes fine if I adjust the DB like that. is that how you do it?
  2. It does have midi switching and it works perfectly fine since I'm using it in my presets. I can switch from one channel to another with it. I tried removing the footswitch from the amp and it just goes as if it was always on if there is no footswitch. Here's what happen in the two scenarios: - FX Loop 1 is in the loop (FX loop 1 is the one used for 4CM): The amp uses his own preamp to process the signal then return it to the helix and process it further. That means that every knobs for the channel are used on the amp directly. Volume, Gain and EQ. Volume on the helix does have an effect but the main is the amp. - FX Loop 1 is NOT in the loop: The amp serves only as a poweramp in this case. Any knobs on the amp is useless and can be zero and doesn't change anything. The main volume is the helix and everything is setup within preset otherwise. The only knob still doing something on the amp is "Presence" as it is not part of the channels knobs I supose. My presets that uses the EVH gain sound all have the FX Loop 1 in them, otherwise, I can't use the amp signal processing and must rely solely on the helix for that. It seems like the EVG Amp is able to somehow detect if there is a signal coming from FX Loop 1 or not and change the way it operates based on that. For the comment I made saying the guitar is gone when adding effect, I'm talking about the "EFFECTS" stomp switch on the EVH footswitch. There are 4 buttons on it: ONE, TWO, THREE, EFFECTS. The first 3 are the channel selection and the last one seems to activate the effects loop. If its on (The light is on), then we can hear the computer output through usb using the helix driver. If I test the sound in the control panel. however, anything in the preset otherwise doesn't output at all. If its off, then the helix act as the main preamp and I only need to add an amp modeler in the preset for the guitar output to work along with the computer helix driver. This does work this way. However, my goal is to use the preamp of the EVH, the computer output and the helix as addional effects. Thanks for trying to help by the way.
  3. Yeah. Doesn't work. I don't get anything even on your preset unless I hit the "Effects" switch on my EVH. then I can hear it but it blocks out everything else. It does work if I just use a stereo cable from the phone jack of my computer to one of the return and put that in the preset but it would be awesome if it just worked straight up.
  4. The destination of usb is set to multi. I am not using XLR as I am using my EVH for the output so its going through 1/4. I am setup like this: Guitar>HX Input HX Send 1>EVH Input EVH Send>HX Return 1 HX 1/4 out>EVH Return In my preset, I set the send/return 1 at the end and it plays fine. Not sure i get everything in the setup you're suggesting. Let's just say i Don't have any pedal and i will setup everything tone wise in the helix.
  5. Hi, I've been messing for two days trying to get the usb output from my computer to work at the same time as my 4CM setup. I have an EVH5150 6L6 in 4CM. I can control the output volume and gain on the amp and get the Helix effects and everything works properly. However, I want to jam along youtube, spotify, Guitar Pro or my Daw but I can't get the sound out if I'm in 4CM. If i hit the effects switch of the EVH, it works but I have no more guitar output. And if its off, then I get my guitar back. I want both. Is there any way yo achieve that? Regards,
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