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  1. Hey Nick, I'm currently dealing with a very similar situation. I'm running my guitar -> Helix LT -> XLR out into my Focusrite 2i2 -> Presonus Eris E8's (also running USB out from the Helix LT directly into my computer. Instead of Logic, I use Ableton Live, and it seems that I'm running into the same issue; when I play my guitar through my monitors, I'm very pleased with the sound, but when I record and playback the audio, it sounds like it's somehow lost its luster, so to speak. I can definitely relate to feeling like it's not as bright or full sounding compared to live playing. Currently I'm recording through the inputs on the 2i2, so I'm gonna do some messing around on Ableton to see if I can solve the issue. IIRC, the outputs for USB out are 7/8, so that might fix it, need to experiment. With regards to the monitoring solution, when I have Ableton Live loaded up I turn off monitoring in Ableton because otherwise I'd be hearing the monitoring from the 2i2 and Ableton at the same time. Monitoring my signal through Ableton sounds fine when playing live, the issue only becomes apparent after recording something. Hoping to figure this out.
  2. @rd2rk First off, thanks so much for the detailed response! I saw your responses right before I went to bed and was thinking to myself, "there has got to be an easy to do this that doesn't require rewiring my pedal board or set-up." I got home from work today and after looking at your responses did my best to try and troubleshoot a solution. Long story short, I ended up going Helix XLR Out -> 2i2 -> computer and I'm using the Headphones output on the 2i2. Brain-dead simple and it does everything I need it to do, just have to bypass my FX Loop whenever I'm playing with headphones in, easy footswitch tap. Played along with Spotify on my speakers for a bit and as it gets later into the night I'll switch to headphones, definitely gotta do some tone creation for finding my tone while going XLR out of the Helix, only used to how it sounds coming through my amp. For Ableton I'm using the Helix as my audio interface and I got everything figured out except for Helix Native, gonna do a bit more messing around in Ableton to get more familiar with the software. But once again thanks so much for the help!
  3. Hey all, currently trying to figure out a problem I'm having with getting my computer to recognize my guitar signal through my Helix LT. My usual set-up is using the 4CM into a Supro Blues King 12 amp and I absolutely love it. The Supro acts as a clean pedal platform amp, and the Helix LT gives me all the effects I could ever want, and helps me achieve my default tone with a compressor, noise gate, EQ and such. I usually play along to music on Spotify or YT, through 2 Presonus Eris E5 monitors & Temblor T10 subwoofer -> Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) hooked up via USB to my computer. I live in a house so I don't really have to worry about cranking the volume of my amp and speakers. However, I work odd hours (4am-12pm) and sometimes I'd like to play along with music at times where neighbors are asleep and I don't want to bother them. Basically, I'd like to be able to hear my finished guitar signal from my Helix LT as well as the audio from my computer while headphones are plugged in. In addition, I want to start recording guitar parts using the Helix LT, and I'd like to record directly into Ableton Live using the Helix LT. I figured that I'd be able to plug headphones into my Focusrite to hear the audio from my computer and somehow be able to have my finished guitar signal also loaded up on my computer, whether it be through USB with my Helix LT, or through the Helix Native plug-in. I have the HX Edit software installed on my computer, and using the USB cable, I have the Helix LT directly connected to my computer. So there is no issue with recognizing the Helix LT, as I am able to edit in real time with the HX Edit software. I also have the Helix Native plug-in, which I have been attempting to figure out within Ableton Live. I should mention I'm brand new to Ableton so figuring all this stuff out has been felt a bit overwhelming to say the least. The only way I can hear my guitar signal is to hear the dry signal when plugged directly into my Focusrite, this is less than ideal because it's just my dry signal without any compression or EQ, the same as if I was plugged directly into my amp. I guess I might just be struggling to understand at a basic level on how to play my guitar through the Helix LT into my computer.
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