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  1. Here’s a link to the listing
  2. Hey line 6 world. I plan on putting my powercab up on reverb in the next day or two but figured I would put it on here first. I’m asking 650 + shipping, willing to negotiate. I’ve owned this for maybe two months and haven’t used it for about 2 weeks now. It’s in great shape, took it to a practice once to see how it held up, it surprisingly did! There shouldn’t be any cosmetic issues, I will double check that later. Never updated to the newest firmware. Unfortunately I’m one of the few who lost their job because of the virus, so I’m clearing out some gear. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up here or email me at

    Too Boomy??

    I did that before and it sounded ok, still kinda muffled sounding. Plus I like using different cabs for different sounds so not having it set up with midi would be a pain to do.

    Too Boomy??

    I’ve been using the PowerCab for about a month now and there’s definitely some positives and negatives to my experience with it. Before I get into specifics I’d like to tell you what gear I’m currently using with it. Using a Kiesel DC700H with their stock pickups and my Kemper Stage Profiler, and using OwnHammer Irs for the heavier amps profiles. I’d like to start by saying all the cleans though this cab are just simply beautiful. They’re nice and warm and rounded but also have a great chime to them. The distortion however I can’t quite get right. All of my profiles sound scooped no matter what I do with this. Also the highs are kinda weird sounding. I’ve cut the 80hz on the back so it’s off, I usually turn my bass down on all my profiles since I play 7s , but they are all so boomy through this amp. I’ve also tweaked the high and low cut as well and it seems to kinda help but not a whole lot. What are y’all’s tricks to getting rid of that insane amount of bottom end?? I’d like to add when I tilt it back it sounds terrible as well, where there is simply no bass and it’s brittle and harsh.
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