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  1. Guys by pure chance I discovered the problem. My god I lost two years of life! I replaced the headphone adapter and the problem was solved completely !!! I'm very happy !!
  2. Guys thanks for answering me .... Excuse my English ... Now I will try to explain better! For example, all factory patches that do not involve any kind of distortion / overdrive sound correctly. While, factory patches that involve the use of distortion / overdrive sound very low. A week ago everything was perfect! I do not understand why ! When I say low volume .... I mean that at maximum volume it is barely noticeable. I tried reset, various updates but the problem persists !!!
  3. Guys I need your help ..... some time ago I bought some “packs” for line6 Stomp hx exclusively for bass. Unfortunately I have been having problems for a few weeks! When I use a factory preset the volume is normal, while if I use one of the purchased presets the volume is very low, almost imperceptible. I upgraded the latest FireWire but the problem persists. I also tried to do a total reset but the problem persists! Maybe some incompatibility? The strange thing is everything worked correctly until a few days ago .... Can you help me?
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