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  1. Thank you all for the feedback so far and some of the work around suggestions. I will go and check Ideascale for the feature request. Essentially we are just looking for a database view in HX Edit. No need to reorder and store in the Helix itself or even in the patch files.
  2. Is there a way in HX Edit to sort the Presets by name or something other than their Preset Number? In my workflow as I evolve a given preset over time, I usually use a number suffix to designate the subsequent version. But as I am creating them I usually start by copying and pasting into the next open "New Preset" slot at the bottom of the list. The option to sort by Name would be helpful in use cases like Preset cleanup, making sure you are not saving over another important preset accidentally, etc.. Apprecaite your help.
  3. Scenario 1: I have downloaded a Custom Tone or some other preset from a forum that has multiple snapshots configured Scenario 2: I've created many presets with several snapshots each Is there an easy way in HX Edit and/or on the board to see what are all the parameters/block on-off settings that make up a particular snapshot? Especially in scenario 1, if the snapshots were not given meaningful names and left as snapshot 1, 2 , 3... how would I even know that the preset has some snapshots active and their different settings? For scenario 2, I just might not remember all the settings I changed from one to the next. From my current limited knowledge of the Helix, it seems as though I have to go into each Block in each snapshot of each preset to look for parameters that show in [white brackets] as well as take notice if a block changed from on to off between snapshots. I appreciate any tips here. Perhaps a Snapshot or Preset compare tool ?
  4. Thanks folks! Worked like a charm. Did not think of that as the "min" / "max" had my brain locked into the relative numbers.
  5. Hello, I am new to Helix and have learned a ton the past 2 months reading all the wisdom on this forum. Thank you! I would like to have a Footswitch assigned to modify 2 parameters on an Amp Block. In this case I wish to INCREASE the Drive parameter and DECREASE the Channel Volume to create a CRUNCH-like footswitch while maintaining consistent volume levels. In working with assigning multiple parameters to a footswitch, it seems that it can only toggle ALL the parameters to the Max value at one time then ALL of them back to the MIN value at one time; not one to Max while the other to Min. I understand that this may be easily doable with Snapshots, however I am still figuring out how that might fit into my live gigs based on the diversity of situations I am in given I have grown up used to stomp boxes. I will get there for sure as I know they are powerful. For now, I appreciate understanding if what I would like to do is possible with footswitches in stomp mode.
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