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  1. Scenario 1: I have downloaded a Custom Tone or some other preset from a forum that has multiple snapshots configured Scenario 2: I've created many presets with several snapshots each Is there an easy way in HX Edit and/or on the board to see what are all the parameters/block on-off settings that make up a particular snapshot? Especially in scenario 1, if the snapshots were not given meaningful names and left as snapshot 1, 2 , 3... how would I even know that the preset has some snapshots active and their different settings? For scenario 2, I just might not remember all the settings I changed from one to the next. From my current limited knowledge of the Helix, it seems as though I have to go into each Block in each snapshot of each preset to look for parameters that show in [white brackets] as well as take notice if a block changed from on to off between snapshots. I appreciate any tips here. Perhaps a Snapshot or Preset compare tool ?
  2. Thanks folks! Worked like a charm. Did not think of that as the "min" / "max" had my brain locked into the relative numbers.
  3. Hello, I am new to Helix and have learned a ton the past 2 months reading all the wisdom on this forum. Thank you! I would like to have a Footswitch assigned to modify 2 parameters on an Amp Block. In this case I wish to INCREASE the Drive parameter and DECREASE the Channel Volume to create a CRUNCH-like footswitch while maintaining consistent volume levels. In working with assigning multiple parameters to a footswitch, it seems that it can only toggle ALL the parameters to the Max value at one time then ALL of them back to the MIN value at one time; not one to Max while the other to Min. I understand that this may be easily doable with Snapshots, however I am still figuring out how that might fit into my live gigs based on the diversity of situations I am in given I have grown up used to stomp boxes. I will get there for sure as I know they are powerful. For now, I appreciate understanding if what I would like to do is possible with footswitches in stomp mode.
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