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  1. Starting at the end, the strings are brand new. But, I will definitely look at the HUM and Ripple parameters. THANKS
  2. My setup is: PodGo updated PRS SE 24 Ernie Ball Cobalt strings (new) but happened on previous strings too. Headrush FIFO 12 Clean patches sound fine. Moderate or greater driven patches produce an annoying rumbling overtone when I hammer, slide or pull off to another note. sometimes I get this on single notes but it is most pronounced when I slide or hammer. I notice this mostly in the mid-range of the guitar. Not sure but it almost sounds as though the PODGO is trying to continue to play the old pitch while also playing the new one. I have tried adjusting all kinds of parameters but alas I am lost. I am wide open to ideas..... thanks.
  3. Sorry I didnt follow up sooner. So, it turns out that it was my PRS. There was a crack in the bridge saddle. PRS fixed it up and sent it back and the tones now through my PodGo are BEAUTIFUL. FINALLY!!! I really appreciate all that chipped in here...
  4. Hey guys, An update and thanks for all your help. PRS and Sweetwater had me run through a few tests and make a video of the issue and the comparison to the Strat. I even changed strings to rule that out. PRS finally determined that it is an electrical issue (wiring, pickups or ???) and paid for me to ship it back to them to fix or replace. I gotta say that I got truly wonderful support from Sweetwater, Line6 and PRS and of course YOU!!! When I get my puppy back I will let you know how it sounds Bruce
  5. Wow Thanks for all the feedback........ I couple notes... 1) the strings are relatively new ---- ernie ball - changed 2 weeks ago. But you are right that is is much worse with high gain patches. 2) I lowered the pickups and the issues remains.... I will try lowering them to the stops and see what happens 3) I tried dampening the strings temporarily.... I couldn't tell if this helped. When I put heavy palm pressure on the bridge it seemed to lessen a little. maybe this helps diagnose a bit more.... again THANK YOU!! Bruce
  6. Hey guys - thanks for all your help. I traded out components and Boo Hoo it turns out it is the PRS. I never thought to check my other guitars out since I use the PRS a lot. My strat sounds clean on the same patches that the PRS distorts. Sooooo now what..... Any suggestions? Bruce
  7. Hey guys thanks for the feedback. To answer one question,... the cable IS balanced but this problem existed even before I switched from unbalanced to balanced ( which did fix other issues). I will start running through the suggestions tomorrow and hopefully this helps.
  8. Setup PodGo PRS SE 24 Headrush 12 Patches sound good up until I hit high notes. The issues starts only on the high E above the 12 - 15 fret. It sounds like a very fast, very irritating tremelo. This happens on most patches that are higher gain. Up to that point the sounds is great and then sounds like a cat mating. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks bruce
  9. you are absolutely right about getting off the floor. I found a stool and man that muddy low end just disappeared. thanks
  10. I have had the same issue a couple times, more since the latest update. I simply power off/on the unit and it returns. This leaves me nervous about using the box at a gig. Hopefully this is a software issue.
  11. I have the HR 12 which is way better than the QSC that I started with. I too like the sound better through my monitors and headphones although it is not "bad". I am gonna try the balanced cable and see if this does the trick. Thanks guys I got a balanced cable and moved the HR12 off the floor along with making some of the changes suggested above. VOILA - the whole setup sounds much much better. Its a tiny bit harsh at the top and bottom end compared to my headphones and studio monitors but I think that can be handled through patch tweaking. I also have NOT tested that speaker at more than 3 on the volume because it is in coronavirus isolation. I suspect it will sound better when it has room to move some air.
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