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  1. You need to update the HX Edit as well, not just the HX Stomp. Go to downloads, choose HX Stomp -> HX Edit -> (Win10, MAC or whatever you got). Install the update and you should be able to find the new things.
  2. No matter what I set the settings in Global Settings to on the fs4 it is not functional (tried setting it to all sorts of things, it is not working). Just bought the HX Stomp a month ago and did not back up anything. Perhaps restore to factory settings, update from there and see what happens. I play bass, so none of the new things in this update really mattered to me. It just messed up the fs4 on the footswitch... EDIT: OK, I found out what us "footswitch" guys must do. Open HX Edit -> go to "File" (up left) -> preferences. Then choose "Device settings" and then set "Exp/FS Tip" to FS4 (it changed to EXP 1 with the update).
  3. I have almost the same problem with my Rowin foot switch. My fs5 is working (preset up) but my fs4 is not (preset down). I have tried to restart, change preset up/down switch, but it seems that no matter what I try my two switches now are down to one. Only my fs5 work. So definetly some kind of bug that need to be sorted out...
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