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  1. If I may ask, what is this “pitch tracking” thing that is preventing me from making a Variax into a baritone? As far as I know, the modelling doesn’t revolve around a specific pitch like something like Rocksmith or a guitar synth would do; which is to detect a certain frequency and reproduce that same frequency as another source. I don’t think the Variax finds your playing an E on the low E string and then plays a sample of a strat playing that same low E modelled after the tone the piezo catches. Isn’t the modelling basically just a bunch of EQs and effects to make the guitar sound like another guitar?
  2. Damn, would it still be possible to do but instead I put 12’s on there and tune the Variax physically to B standard still using a baritone conversion neck (that way, I can still reach the low 5 string bass’s B by pitch shifting an octave down, and get a bass Vi tuning by pitch shifting it down a 7th)? I won’t have problems with fitting the strings through the bridge hopefully (cause like Psarkissian said, 12-58 is the heaviest he saw someone put on their Jtv69’s), but would the thing still track well because of this whole pitch tracking thing?
  3. Hello, I was thinking about buying a JTV69 one day and try and convert it to a Bass VI by replacing the stock neck with a Warmoth Baritone Conversion neck (28.625 scale length) and changing the strings to a much heavier gauge (19-82's. Maybe even heavier depending on preference). The question I'm wondering is it this possible or would I have to go through extensive modding or is it just not possible at all? I'm not worried about anything about the neck (including nut and tuners) since I already am gonna replace it. One thing I found might be an issue and am worried about is when looking up pictures online of the bridge assembly, I'm worried an 82 gauge string would sit ON TOP of the piezo pickup because of how thick the string is and how narrow of a spacing the piezo pickup/bridge gives, and thus wouldn't detect any movement of the string and not work.
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