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About Me

Hi, I'm Wicher.

Please don't try to prenaunce it, instead call me Wikkie.

I've been playing guitar since 2004, I play a lot of other instruments on the side. 
(Including: Bousouki, Saxophone, Keyboard, Violin, Hulusi and some more)
Bought recording gear in 2020, and that is what brought me here.

Below is what I am working on, including URL's.
I am not very good at POD-Farm yet, if you listen to one of my songs and have a recommendation for a sound. I am most interested to hear!

Currently I try to write and record music for a couple of projects:
- PAMPUS, my ambient-stoner-rock soloproject.
- Anchor, Duo-Project with "Harmloos".
- PaganPrince, my tag/nickname when writing GP's or music in general.

Produced so Far:
- Demo/Try-out of "Pampvs- Freakin Beautiful".
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGu-D-HXXFU
- Rough-Mix of "Anchor- Militairy Quarantine".
URL: <Coming Soon>.

Working on:
- Rough-Mix of "Anchor- Nehalenia".
- Rough-Mix of "PAMPVS- The Cult of Man".


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