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  1. I have a suhr RLIR. Currently I’m just running it straight into the stomp for reverb, delay, etc. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to use the stomp in 4cm with my amp but also feed the RLIR line out back into the stomp (in the other input?), mainly for recording but also for headphone/monitor playing. Right now all I’ve been able to do is either run the stomp after the amp or in 4cm like you’d use the HXFX. Is that possible? How would I even set that up?
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    HX stomp routing

    I have an amp with Suhr RLIR. What I’m wondering is if I can use the stomp in 4CM with the amp but also feed the line out from the RLIR back into the stomp (I guess in the other input) when I’m using it as a recording interface. I want to be able to record with the amp but use some of the Stomp’s effects in front of it. If so, how would I set that up? At the moment, I’ll I’ve been able to figure out is to either run the RLIR directly into the Stomp or use the stomp in 4cm like a normal amp setup (not interfaced with computer.
  3. It does it with another amp that has a passive insert loop. I’m curious as to why it’s still happening since the cables have been ground-lifted and am hesitant to try anything else if this is going to end up being a rabbit hole. Not the end of the world since I can return it. May end up with a Stomp, anyways
  4. I just got one of these and have a ground loop issue with a Dr Z Jetta with metro zero loss effects loop. Any ideas as to why I still get a hum when the grounds to both cables have been clipped at the HXFX end of them? I first tried running them normally with a clipped ground cable to the amp input and it didn’t work. Next I mutilated 2 good cables for the loop and put a normal cable to the amp input. Sounds exactly the same with a pretty bad hum. Looking for some insight because I’d hate to send it back because of this but am also not willing to throw more money at it beyond the 2 cables I’ve ruined.
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