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  1. Many thanks to you, BigChas! You were exactly right. Had to get a flashlight, found two machine screws down in a groove on the bottom. It came right apart, and sure enough, there is a ribbon cable connecting the lower row of switches, the upper row and the main section. The connectors had been hotglued, which broke and the connector came unplugged. Easy Peasy. There are, however, fittings on the connectors suitable for cable ties, so, taking a tiny screwdriver, I chipped out the hot glue (like a sculptor) and put two cable ties on each plug. It won't be coming apart again. Many thanks to everyone for you help-you saved me a bunch of trouble and money. Best regards to all- Mike
  2. Well, I was unable to get the top off. I have it loose, but it doesn't want to separate, and I didn't want to force it. Any ideas? So, I take it to my local authorized Line 6 repair shop (with whom I have already had an unpleasant experience) who want an $85 deposit for diagnosis. I'm ok with a diagnosis deposit (same thing at the tv shop) but $85? Interestingly, I was able to run Gear Box and back up my settings just fine, so it doesn't appear to be a computer-type problem, just that the footswitches don't work. I'm still looking for ideas-this appears to be something I can probably fix, if I can figure how to get the top off without damage. Is it time to enlist Line 6? Thank you again for your replies-I live in Arkansas and I'm glad to be able to communicate to the world at large.
  3. Thanks for the replies, guys. Yes, I have tested it at home, same results. I suspected a power problem too, but apparently not. It's Tuesday, 4:30 local, and I am going to take the top off and see what we can see. I read somewhere on the forum that sometimes ribbon cables can disconnect, and it seems logical that there might be one between the upper and lower sections of the unit. When we were setting up, when I put it on the floor, one end was already on the floor, and the other end slipped out of my hand and fell maybe 4-5 inches to the floor. Might have knocked something loose, but if a tiny bump like this can damage it, it's not suited for live performance anyway. Very frustrating. I'll report my results. Thanks again! Mike
  4. I have had an X3 Live for maybe six months, love it. Been using it at home, no problems at all. Took it to a gig Saturday night, turned it on, all the upper controls (rotary knobs) seem to work fine, none of the lower footswitches worked, no LEDs lit, no tuner, no pedal function. It did make a generic clean tone when I turned it up, but unable to make any of the footswitches work. Has anyone heard of this, or know a fix? This is all I know about it. Thanks in advance. Mike
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