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  1. Hi. I am very new to this I've recently acquired an old X3 live and I am having fun fiddling around getting some decent tones but I'd like to download some patches for other tones. My understanding is in order to do that I need to download the the line 6 monkey software and something called Gearbox, as well as making sure the drivers for my pod are updated. I'm running a very old Windows 7 Home Premium laptop. All I want to do is download some nice tones. I will do my home recording when I've upgraded my home hardware. I only ask because I'm seeing a lot of different things about gearbox not working anymore when you upgrade to the latest X3 drivers. Apologies for my ignorance but what exactly do I do? Also I'm seeing all these different things about USB drives which I don't understand at all I'm hoping all you need to do is connect a dual usb cable in the computer to the USB port in the pod. Much appreciated.
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