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  1. What do I needed plug the stomp straight into the board. Exactly what cables and do I need a di box?
  2. Yes, I know all of this. I also know how EQ works. I simply don't need it for my tone or for any patches. Ever. I go through any other number of options for shaping leads, pickup variants, etc.
  3. It's true that L6 and reviewers stated the blocks were static. I think my misunderstanding is that not big enough of a deal was made about it. To me, that's a huge deal that ought to be in bold print in every manual, ad and review. I guess since it wasn't, I didn't really make the connection. As, again, I'd think such a large limitation would be a larger deal among reviewers, in particular. Not just a passing note. That being said, ok my bad. My 'attitude' of surprise (WTF) was more from me not being able to believe that there wasn't a better solution to the design than this. It just so happens that the Wah and Eq are two things I never, ever in a million years use. And I know I'm not alone. I cant believe there was *no* other option than to saddle us with these two effects. It just seemed like an odd choice, design-wise.
  4. https://youtu.be/6y0JbXC7RnU Well looking at this vid starting at about 3:05 is what I’m getting at. I want a pitch shifter block turned on for on snapshot and turned off for the other. This guy goes to snapshot, hits the mode/edit button which brings up all the pedals, turns one of them of and then hits save, which saves that for whatever snapshot you happen to be on. Since when I do this, the pitch pedal doesn’t appear with the other pedals (even though it’s there as a block in signal flow), I’m wondering how I’d do this.
  5. So I don’t have the a computer handy, so I must edit this snapshot manually. I’m trying to get a pedal in the chain to turn on for just one snapshot. However, I go into edit mode, and that particular pedal is not listed. Just a blank space. But it is clearly in the signal flow/chain. Why is it not appearing in the edit mode. So how do I get it in there, so I can edit it?
  6. Two questions here. I’m really digging using my stomp direct for my solo gigs. I like the small footprint, of course. But I also like the perfect stereo spread of the effects over the PA. The only thing I *dont* dig is that I can’t get an authentic spring reverb sound out of it, which is a big part of my sound. I can’t get that drippy tone. I have an external reverb tank (similar to the fender 6G15, preamp and all). How would you recommend I route it with the stomp going direct? Typically, these types of units would go in front of amp. So should I put it before the stomp? Or should it go in a loop? Also, since this I mono, and I’m liking the stereo spread, would there be a way for me to route the spring reverb to one side of the stomp and have one of the internal reverbs going through the other side? Thereby getting best of both worlds... the springy drip effect as well as the stereo imaging?
  7. Huh? You told me I was S.O.L. for wanting another block and that there was no way it was going to happen.
  8. right. But I don’t want the eq of a preamp/cab sim to interfere with the chain, either. Like, I’d like to use it as I would use my hx effects on occasion. So off is off, correct? I’m trying to evaluate this thing before the return date is up. It’s kind of looking like, unlike any of the other units, this unit is *only* for being used as an amp sim with an amp out only as an afterthought for monitoring or effects loop (which none of my vintage amps have).
  9. So, if I turn off the cab and preamp blocks of the pod go, then I go from the amp out into the front of an amp, I am simply running a pedal chain into an amp, correct? I’m not doubling up on preamps as the preamp and cab blocks are turned off, correct? Or is there still a preamp of some sort present in the chain?
  10. yeah, I know the unit has a dsp limitation that can’t be changed. But such was the case with the stomp as well. And yet they still managed to add blocks with the caveat that you are still under the same constraints of the dsp limitations and many of the effects would be unavailable. Unless you are saying that negating the wah, eq, AND amp models wouldnt equate to the same dsp usage of even *one* other effect on the whole unit, I can’t see why it wouldn’t be done. And reading threads, I can see I’m not the only one wondering this. Line 6 has done this exact same thing with other units. I’m simply asking if they might with this. If not, fine. But it doesn’t need to be taken as some completely out of the blue, unfair criticism.
  11. lol. Is there a reason for such a bizarrely dramatic follow-up reply? You sound like Count Dracula.
  12. That is disappointing as hell. I mean, they’ve expanded blocks on the the other units with success, even with the dsp limitations. Yes, you are still limited to what effects you can choose. But it’s still quite useful. I guess I did not realize that the dsp on the go is *so* much more limited than the fx or stomp. It’s also hard for me to imagine that if you got rid of amp sim, eq, and wah that that wouldn’t at least allow for, say, one more block containing the 808 distortion, or another low dsp option. I don’t think any of the reviews I watched mentioned this severe limitation.
  13. So, I'm a happy user of the HX Effects and the Stomp. I tried the full Helix, but it was way too much for me. The thing is, I have a house full of killer tube amps. So the direct amp modeling thing is just something I use in case of emergencies at a last minute gig, or something. I prefer to use these units as multi effects into the front of an amp. So the extra weight/price/etc of the Helix was just too much for me. So the Pod Go looked like the perfect compromise. I don't need parallel paths. The block limitations don't bug me as I only need 6 or so blocks when going in front of my amp. And the sounds on these units are stellar. So the stripped down, all in one Pod Go seemed perfect. Even has the amp models if i do happen to need on an odd gig. HOWEVER, I did not realize that 5 of the 9 blocks on this thing are strictly reserved for amp/cab/wah/volume/eq. Wtf? As mentioned, amp and cab is irrelevant to me most of the time. And the wah thing is absolutely something Id never use in a million years. Eq... whatever. Sometimes, I guess. Anyway, again, wtf? So really only 5 blocks are useable for me (I do typically use a volume pedal). This makes it pretty useless for me. Or at least I have to sit and think of a bunch of work arounds to get compromised patches. So, I'm trying to figure out whether I should return it, or whether this might be addressed in future updates so that at least the EQ and Wah paths can be switched out with other effects. The amps being ever -present, I understand. But Wah and EQ? Meh.
  14. Is there a way to change the titles and/or led colors for different snapshots within a preset on the hx stomp?
  15. I’ve got a decent patch set up. However, I need to mess with the eq a bit more, I think I should add an eq pedal in the chain. Where in chain should I put it? And does the order really matter? I know that real pedals tones change dramatically when their orders are switched around, but is this the case with these pedal models in the stomp? Or will they always be in the optimum place in the chain, regardless of where they physically appear on the screen?
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