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  1. I actually do t derive joy from endlessly tinkering with the minutia of post/pre eq and ir combinations, etc to find great sounds. What is the consensus of where the best presets are to be found? I’ll pay.
  2. Samdbl

    Hx stomp vs pod go

    Ah. I did not know that the dsp power in the go was lesser than the stomp. I thought it had the same. That pretty much makes my decision to stick with the stomp.
  3. Samdbl

    Hx stomp vs pod go

    So I bought an hx stomp for fly away gigs. Specifically for its size and weight. As we all know, fly away gigs are pretty rare these days and the foreseeable future. I sometimes use the hx stomp at home where the size factor is less of a concern. However, the limitations of the size, block limit, three buttons, annoying integration of expression pedals really become obvious. I am considering selling and getting the pod go. my question is how is it possible that there is such a price difference between the PG and the stomp? As far as I’m aware, it’s the same processing power quality of sounds. Yet there is more to it (larger size and expression pedal). How can that be cheaper by a couple hundred dollars? Is there a compromise in the build quality? Is the housing or exp pedal plastic? Are the buttons cheaper? What am I missing?
  4. I have to agree, though. The spring reverb on the hx stomp sounds nothing at all like a spring reverb. Even putting the difficult-to-emulate ‘drip’ aside. It just sounds like another plate, to me. I don’t put it all on line 6, though. I’ve had a fair amount of other high end reverbs (strymon, for example) and it was the same story. It must be a tricky one to emulate.
  5. The spring reverb on my stomp is kinda lame. I love the rest of the box, for the most part. But I feel the spring reverb does not sound at all convincing. I have read others that feel the same. I wonder if a firmware update might address this?
  6. God of gods after trying a slew of combinations that I had already tried, it finally works. my last question and I’ll be set for ages: how do I tell the stomp that I want the toe down of the pedal to be less that 10? In other words, if I want my full channel volume to be 6, or something?
  7. yeah, but none of those really specify ts to trs. In fact, I did just get one of the ones on that picture line up, and it’s still not working. I got a female to female coupler that will link two male 1/4 cables... and it says tr and/or trs. But yeah, it’s still not working with the y cable setup. Is there something more specific I need? this feature is so silly. They should’ve just put another pedal input on the unit as a posed to some hyper specific thing you have to scour the earth for to make two of the most basic features work.
  8. Ok, the saga continues. So I got the M Audio, and it works great. However, it has the cable attached. So I can't figure out how I can also get another input so that I can use my footswitch for tap/tuner. The M Audio has a cable integrated into it's design, so I can't do the normal Y cable method. Any ideas? Sidenote: over and over I see that the Line 6 wants to see TS instead of TRS cable for expression and such... but the M Audio, the first that I've found that works correctly with this unit, is using a TRS cable. What's up with that? Sidenote # 2: My trusty VP Jr works just perfectly with the HX effects. Why wouldn't this be universal across the line?
  9. I have the hx effects and the hx stomp. I like them both, but I have experienced one nightmare after another trying to make external expression pedals work. I have tried a few Volume and expression pedals from various companies including some of the most common ones (vp jr, being one). All seem to have a notorious incompatibility that causes the 0-100-0 sweep. After months of trying to get these pedals to work, I finally got one to work with the hx effects. The hx stomp is a different story. Please, for the love of god, just tell me what pedals work with this damn thing so I don’t have to keep buying and returning, or worse yet getting stuck with them. And it would be really swell if it’s not some custom built, $300 pedal that can’t be ordered from a typical music store (ie mission). I’m looking for the cheapest solution. In the endless research for this error, I keep seeing mention of a list of compatible models. But I can never find the actual list, can someone post it? Or better yet, sticky the damn thing.
  10. Trying to do the thing where i assign expression pedal to channel volume to save a block. I’m using a trs y cable as I’m wanting to also run tap/tempo on external footswitch. Everything works fine except I’m getting that weird thing where the vp jr on heel will have the channel level at 0 (as desired) then about 2/3 of the way to toe position it’s already to 10 (meh) then all the way to toe position it returns to 0 channel volume (nope). I just want to make sure this volume pedal is proven as compatible For this purpose before I start ripping my hair out with factory Resets and sub menus,
  11. I'm needing to put a volume pedal in the middle of the chain plus an external tap/tuner pedal to control tempo and tuner. Can this be done at the same time?
  12. I've run it through two things. My little Mackie board and speakers, as well as a huge board and sound system at a large venue. There must be something set weird within the gain structure. There seem to be so many options for volume adjustment
  13. New to using the stomp direct into board. Ive tried several different patches with different amp models. No matter what, I'm getting low output. The volume knob on the unit is cranked and I still have to gain way up on the board to get even moderate volume. What do I have set wrong? Also, should I use a DI box?
  14. Thinking of going direct with the hx stomp for a solo surf gig i have coming up. However, I can't get a good fender 'drip' tone from the reverb in the stomp (yes I've tried the tutorial that's on youtube). So, if I were to use my actual fender spring reverb unit, what would be the best way when going direct with the stomp? Like the reverb at the end of the chain. Yet, I want to keep the delays on the stomp in stereo. So I think I should put the tank in the loop, and then put the loop at the end of the chain in my signal flow internally. Would that be correct?
  15. Doing some solo gigs and I’ve decided to go direct with my hx stomp, I’ve got it sounded pretty good. But I am curious about the IR option. I have never understood the concept behind these. Do they just make the amp models sound ‘better’? If so, why aren’t they just part of the amp model to begin with? Anyway, as it stands, I have used all of my six slots for effects and the amp model. Would I need to lose something to free a spot up to use an IR? And where in chain would it go?
  16. I tried that. I’m wondering, can you adjust the ‘position’ of the volume pedal? It shows in the position control of the volume scribble strip in real time that the pedal returns to 0% in toe down and heel down position (while increasing/decreasing normally going between the two). I have tried simply adjusting the meter to 100% while it’s in toe down, but it doesn’t save. Even after pressing save. The next time I try, it just does the same routine.
  17. I hate the volume pedal weirdness with this unit. so anyway, my vp jr died. I ‘upgraded’ for the replacement with a boss fv30h. Works fine *except* when the pedal is all the way to the toe down position, the volume decreases to almost zero. Heel down = silence (good), transitioning from heel to toe = volume increases (good), toe down = volume decreases dramatically (stupid). Yes I did a factory reset, yes I’m plugged in from the output of the pedal to the exp2, this problem happens with both the factory presets and custom ones, running latest version of firmware. The volume pedal should really be plug and play. I’ve spent weeks with various problems. It’s a really garbage bug in the design of this unit, imo. any ideas? Please let me know fast so I can return the volume pedal, if need be (too late to return the hx, unfortunately)
  18. 30th time’s a charm. I did *another* factory reset, and started from a clean preset. Now the volume pedal works as it should. Thanks for the help, everyone. Especially rd2rk.
  19. This is what I did, and it didn't work. And that was after a fresh, factory reset on a blank preset. All is operation as it should *except* that when it gets all the way down to heel down position, it turns the block off.
  20. Again, the pedal is responding. I’m pretty sure I have it routed correctly. Somewhere, buried in the nether regions of this cursed machine is some stupid setting that is turning the block off in the heel down position. Extremely bizarre that it is decreasing the volume as it’s supposed to do before it hit the heel down position (seems like it would be either, or). But whatever. Why would this make sense? so I’m still not seeing where I can choose between ‘bypass’ and ‘none’ as the poster suggests above. Even after reading controller assign section of manual. Is this indeed an option available only through the editing software? This is maddening, btw. Everything else seems relatively intuitive and easy to breeze through. I’m not having any hang ups with the machine except this.
  21. In global preferences, exp 1 pedal 1 and exp 2 pedal 2. Is there a way to access the bypass/sweep settings mentioned above without Having to go through the computer editing software?
  22. There is no exp 3 option in the window. There are a bunch of fs options. But the pedal does nothing when set to any other option. When plugged in to pedal 1 on the unit, it seems to only respond to exp 1. However, as mentioned, it’s responding in a weird manner. Turns block off, sometimes volume decreases, sometimes it doesn’t do anything. I’m really starting to hate this option. Inserting a volume pedal should be much easier.
  23. I dont see a 'byapass' option in or near the control assign window. In any case. Its,operating completely weird. The volume decreases as it should while the pedal is being brought to the heel down position. However, right at the end when the pedal hits what should be the zero volume posotion (heel all the way down), it turns the block off which shuts the volume pedal off and let's 100% of the signal through. Im back to my original assessment that the default of a volume pedal being plugged in and chosen as a block should be a volume pedal without all of the parameter adjusting to make it so. Silly. These are the kinds of things that keep me returning to regular pedals, year after year. Anyway Seting: Contoller assign: Position: parameter Exp 1 Min value 0% Max value 100% In the screen for the volume pedal: 0% position 0ms wait Off midi bypass Exp1 switch Please tell me what I'm doing wrong
  24. Ok so I finally got to try the ‘proper’ method (1/4 mono out of pedal into ext 1 of hx). But all it’s doing is turning the block on and off. What do I need to program to make it cut the volume?
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