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  1. I also managed to get the GT10 from Long and Mcquade yesterday...they only got 5 in and I got the last one. The serial number is not one that appears on Canada's recall website..so here's hoping. Not going to attempt to do any updates to it ..just going to charge and see what happens. Also note I did manage to purchase the GT10S from Amazon Canada a week ago. Haven't had a chance to play much. Did the firmware on it and no problems. Been using that off and on for over 5 hours and still solid green light. Reason I wanted both was ...using the GT10S on my Fender Champion 20 Amp and using the straight GT10 on my Line-6 Spider V60 Mkii which I really love and since it is wireless ready it works perfectly with that. Also really like the standby mode in the GT10. Correction: purchased from Amazon Canada the G10 and from Long and Mcquade the G10 T.
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