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    Fractal FM9

    I wish I could, but I changed the file names after I downloaded them from the forums so I can’t remember who’s they were, but the ones where I thought those people did better than my setups were Van Halen, Morley Crue etc, they seemed to be much more harmonically rich than what my end products are usually on Helix (although I usually use pretty basic setups and don’t do too much tweaking).
  2. ThisIsFunk

    Fractal FM9

    Yeah, you gotta find what works best for you. I would just say consider two things about the FM3 before buying. I thought three foot switches on the FM3 would be enough if you can control different pedals in different presets in stomp mode, set per preset (programmable like Helix)…. You can’t (at least no way I can find)!!!!!! THEY ARE GLOBAL meaning when you set Stomp 1 to “drive 1” in stomp mode it is always drive 1, even if you don’t have a drive pedal on that preset… that stomp then becomes useless when in Stomp mode for some presets. With the FM9 many people set it so the top right three stomps jump between presets, stomp mode, and scenes with the bottom six then controlling variables in each each (very similar to Helix setup which is awesome). Also, FM9 can do two amps. Just one amp on the FM3 absolutely sounds amazing with the quality and is truly enough, but a two amp setup sometimes can work wonders for tone and sound. I find that on the Helix, all of the best preset files I’ve downloaded from others online all had a two amp setup, with each amp panned hard to the opposite side. I’m looking forward to trying that on theFM9. Again, everyone has different needs, so the FM3 could be the best for you, just things to consider….. Best of luck on your choosing.
  3. ThisIsFunk

    Fractal FM9

    That’s not a bad idea at all! I just love my Helix with a Variax too much to part with, a match made in heaven.
  4. ThisIsFunk

    Fractal FM9

    I have Helix LT and an Axe FM3. When I “upgraded” from Amplutube 5 to Helix I was underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both they’re absolutely awesome, but I felt like the sounds were comparable to AT5 quality. Then I got my FM3 and the first chord I played…. sounded absolutely amazing, so organic. I’ll be selling my FM3 soon to get the FM9 (because only three foot switches isn’t enough and it’s global, not per preset, which was a turn off after I bought it, the FM9 fixes that issue). Helix/Fractal both have their purposes. I still often use my Helix LT though with my Variax, that setup is so incredibly awesome and I love Line6 for that! I think Fractal wins on tones, but Helix wins on versatility and possibilities.
  5. I have many other presets setup with a custom tuning programmed into the tuning page on Helix LT with no problem. For some reason when I’m setting the custom tuning to Capo on 2nd fret (all strings tuned up 2 semitones) there is no effect. I’ve cranked them up 12 semitones and it still does not change the tuning. The overall settings are the same as all the others that work. Input I’ve tried Guitar/Variax and only Variax. Tuning is set to custom. Custom tuning is set 2 semitones up. Variax model is set. I’ve tried with Variax model knob pressed in and out. For some reason this setting just does not register the higher tuning (I can program it onto my Variax but I want it to be controlled through the Helix). My backing track for Paint It Black has the electric guitar in capo on the 2nd so that’s why I’m trying to do this tuned up. Any idea why this one preset will not work when all the others do? Thanks I’m advance!
  6. So, my old PC laptop could run everything and it got updated. My new Surface Book 3 did not (did and then didn't after updating Workbench) work, nor did my Mac which is 10.15 Catalina (Monkey only goes up to 10.14 Mohave even though 10.15 has been out for over a year, maybe they should update it?). Thank God I still had my old beat up laptop laying around! Problem solved!
  7. Great, so I thought maybe it was a software issue so I reinstalled Workbench HD and Line 6 Monkey. Still same problem with Monkey but now my Workbench says no guitar is plugged in! Any help would be appreciated. Would be nice if I could just plug in and update.......
  8. Hi, I've read the other threads I could find. They all say to connect to Line 6 monkey (one also said to have WorkbenchHD loaded too, I've tried both ways). Regardless, every time I open Monkey it says "no device connected" and only lists PODxt as a choice. My JTV69 is connected because WorkbenchHD connects just fine to it and shows all of my settings. Any ideas on how to reinstall the factory settings? It seems like some of my tunings are off. I use to be able to tune to capo tuning perfectly the first time, but now my 1st and 2nd strings always sound off. Many thanks in advance!
  9. Hi all, so I'm getting my Helix LT soon and I have a JTV69 Variax. I'm currently living in China so I can't buy the VDI cable with the protecting case on it from Sweetwater. However, I have seen others mention it's just a Cat5 (RJ45) cable with a Neutrik case? Is that true??? If it is, I'm able to buy that (some random brands) in China. My question is... are Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat8 all the same? I've read that they are, but also that sometimes the Cat6 and higher are thicker wires so the plug might be different..... Also, are Cat5 and Cat5e the same? Right now I'm only finding Neutrik protector with Cat5e and Cat6..... Would that work for running from my Variax to Helix LT? Sorry, I'm not a technician so I have no clue about these kinds of things. Many thanks in advance!
  10. Tha Thanks, I’ll look for that setting when I get home! Much appreciated!
  11. Hi, does anyone have that problem? My Variax works with AmpliTube inside Reaper, but not in stand-alone for AmpliTube. It works just fine in my stand-alones for BIAS, TH-U, Tonebridge, JamVox, GuitarRig5, Revalver4, GTR, and VStompAmp. ALL WORK!!!! Just not AT4?!?!?! Does anyone know what the issue is or why it would be having that problem? Or does anyone use AT4 standalone just fine? The reason I need the standalone is for slowing solos down for learning. Thanks in advance!
  12. I think you can only “Restore Factory Setlists.” That will reset everything, but you lose everything you created yourself. All the fixes they sent me in an email did nothing, the way I wrote was the only way it fixed it for me. Luckily I always save all settings to Library and to my hard drive. Just took a few minutes to reload everything.
  13. For any others that have this issue, I kind of found a "fix." Go to Settings > Presets/IRs > Restore Factory Setlists. Deletes all presets and you have to reinstall your own presets. For me, just clicking Restore Factory Settings did nothing, as when I clicked it it didn't even respond. This plugin needs some serious work. Glad I have all my presets backed up on iCloud.
  14. Anyone have a fix for the yellow picks (not loading presets) in Native? Any help would be appreciated. Line 6 told me to turn off my internet and reload the plugin and sign in... Did nothing. Line 6 told me to fully delete Helix and re-install... did nothing. I have it on both my macs, one osx 10.14 and one on 10.15. They both stopped working at the same time. I really don't get how a full delete and reinstall can't fix the problem, I guess they couldn't go the same route as all the other companies and actually make Helix into a full app that can easily be deleted. I'm assuming the error persists because somewhere in the computer there is some tiny little file that still links to the old erred version. One of the most expensive guitar softwares and apparently one of the most unusable. Pretty upsetting to pay $400 for a software that doesn't even work. I guess Amplitube will be getting more money from me in the future.
  15. Right on, yeah I think I'm gonna go with a similar setup! Much appreciated!
  16. Thank you too! That's exactly what I wanted to hear! I'll definitely be looking at 5" since I would imagine 8" is probably too big for what I actually need! Appreciate it!
  17. Thanks! Perfect! Glad to hear 5" can be enough! Seemed like nobody ever mentioned them so I was scared to buy first lol.
  18. Thanks a lot. I'll definitely check out those Mackie's! That iLoud looks awesome, but a little spendy, I don't play/record professionally so just looking for something that sounds nice but not too expensive. Thanks for the recommendation!
  19. Thanks a lot for the input. I think I'll probably play around with the amps first just to see and then go from there. Appreciate it!
  20. @brue58ski Thanks a lot for the response. I agree, but reading all the different threads just kinda screwed me up since I've never used studio monitors or FRFR speakers lol. Many make it sound like any kind of amp will color the Helix sound, even though my understanding was that acoustic amps are like PA's, especially since the AUX isn't going through the amp, just the speaker, you'd think it would be pretty true to the Helix sound. I guess I'll just have to test it out first. Thanks again for your thoughts!
  21. @rd2rk thanks a lot. I'll keep that in mind. Just worried if the acoustic amp sound won't be as pristine as studio monitors could be. And thanks for the info on the 5" speakers. All the other threads of people asking "what are the best smallest studio monitors?" it seems everyone only responded with 7/8" monitors, not even mentioning 5" monitors, so I got the impression that 5" monitors aren't even something to be considered for at home use lol. I'll definitely feel safer now if I end up going with 5". I would think 50 watts is enough for a small half room..... Thanks again!
  22. Hi all! I'm new Line 6, looking at getting a Helix Floor or LT next month. I've been playing with all the other simulation softwares through my DAW forever, but looking at Helix now so I can also buy the Native. My question is three pronged. I'm sure it's been answered somewhere before, but I couldn't find the specifics I'm looking for in the other threads. Please let me know your opinion or if you've done or used these ways before! 1) Before I look at studio monitors, I'd like to try using my Marshall AS50D acoustic amp with left/right AUX in (which I sometimes run my DAW to in order to play backing tracks. I also have a Fender Mustang II which I only use for playing backing tracks or routing my DAW to come out there through its mono AUX). Would any of these work well? I was always under the assumption acoustic amps were supposed to be like PA speakers, not coloring the sound. It doesn't color my acoustic tone at all, so I assume it does nothing to sound going through the AUX. Do you think I could get a great sound out of either of those through AUX or do you think my settings would be way off if I were to switch it to some other type of speaker if I had to play somewhere else? I ask because I keep reading that FRFR speakers or studio monitors are the way to go because the sounds of the settings won't change much between them and stereo headphones, etc. 2) If the above method is truly considered inferior, what size of powered studio monitor would work well for a spare half bedroom that is cheap? It seems all the other threads many people mention Yamaha HS7/8 or something in that price range, but if I could spend less I would love to. Does anyone think Mackie or Behringer would do alright? I would like to get a sound that is truly representative of what the Helix can do, but hopefully on the cheaper side since I'm not playing/recording professionally. Just something for a hobby. 3) I play in a spare half bedroom. Most of the other threads, everyone mentions 7" or "8 speakers of the different manufacturers. Do they really need to be that big? I see Mackie 4/5 output at 50 watts, KRK Rokit 5 at 55 watts etc. Wouldn't 50 watts be enough for a small bedroom? Or do you really need the 7 or 8 inch speakers? If I went with 5 inch speakers would there be a lot of distortion/crackles if I pushed the volume on that? Or would mid volume for a 5 inch monitor be enough for a small room? Sorry for all the questions and lengths of them, but I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any first hand experience with those issues and could share. Thank you in advance!
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