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    Helix LT IR's

    That surlly explains my "problem" :) Ok, I found some free IR's and load them and it seems to work fine Thanks
  2. liorsol1

    Helix LT IR's

    No error, just empty IR's. I allready opened a support ticket. Thanks
  3. liorsol1

    Helix LT IR's

    I have reinstalled the firmware. After building all presets, still IR's are empty
  4. liorsol1

    Helix LT IR's

    Ok, good point. I have upgraded the software to v2.92. Still all IR's are empty, the only solution is that I'm able to delete the component without getting the error. As I mentioned before, this porblem occurs also on the device itself without using the software.
  5. I found the solution for this. all buttons for controling the snapshots should be mapped via the command center
  6. liorsol1

    Helix LT IR's

    Hi, I own an Helix LT (firmware 2.92). when I try to add an IR, both in Helix edit or with the device itself. I'm not able to choose an IR. All IR's are empty When I try to delete the IR from the HX edit I get an error: Faild to remove item. an invalide parameter was specified
  7. Hi, Just bought a new Helix LT. I'm not able to use the 4 bottom switches in order to switch between snapshots. I have changed in global parameters the "Preset mode switches" to stomp/snap. the only way I'm able to switch between snapshots is with the down/up buttons please help
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