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  1. Hi! Back from vacation. Sorry to bother again but i only here the blocks that are placed before the FX Loop block and nothing at all if I turn on the FX loop on my amp. Any suggestions? Best, Hans
  2. Thanks, I have remote control forn the FX loop on my Marshall. Should that be on or off?
  3. Hi, would like to know if the 4-cable method works with a Marshall DSL-20CR (the latest DSL)? I connect with Gtr->FH input, FH FX send->Amp input, FH FX Return->Amp FX Send, FH left out->Amp FX Return I hear the sound when I push the FX Loop button on the Marshall. However it seems to bypass the preamp, i.e. nothing happens when I change volume on the Marshall. I thought the 4-cable method meant I could mix the pre-amp with the effects through the FX loop. Have I misunderstood or what am I doing wrong? Best, Hans
  4. Many thanks for your quick reply! I understand that the amps don't have the same quality. My question was more regarding the effects. I will be using the FX100 as an effect unit with my Marshall amp, bypassing the FX100 amp/cab.
  5. Hi, I would like to know more about the effects in AMPLIFI FC100. Are they the same as in the M-series pedalboards and in the Helix. If not, how do they differ in sound quality? Best, Hans
  6. Where are the presets? Best, Hans
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