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  1. WayTooOld


    All of the models found in the FM4 are on the Pod Go, as individual blocks, either in the Filter models or Pitch/Synth models. I don't know if all the parameters on the FM4 are available on the Pod Go
  2. Not a tone viewer, but if you are on a Windows computer and open the file with Notepad, you will be able to see the settings and may be able to work out how that translates to the Helix Floor. There can be a lot of information to sift through, including blocks that are not being used, but you can see the main parameters and the settings used. Hope this helps.
  3. WayTooOld

    POD GO 1.40 ?

    Well said, but I for one would still welcome your drop Eflat patch
  4. WayTooOld

    POD GO 1.40 ?

    Sounds ok to me
  5. WayTooOld


    Re Uber Wide Drop, see if it is one of the snapshots on the preset.There are up to four on each preset, so B may be one of those. Re tones, go to the Customtone section of the Line 6 website where users have uploaded tones you can use for free. If you want paid for tones and IRs, go to the Line 6 Marketplace
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