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  1. The problem is the DSP in all the equipment. It is a pity that it cannot be repaired or that there are no spare parts on the market. Line 6 disappointed me with their digital devices.
  2. I'm talking to technical support to see if they get me the board I don't know if we'll be lucky, this queipo is a pity that it doesn't last so long many have this problem.
  3. Hello, I have the same problem with the DSP, can it be replaced? I am a computer technician. My idea is to buy it and replace it myself. On AliExpress, there are sellers who have it. Does anyone know if it is feasible to do so?
  4. The same thing is happening in all the equipment in the long term. Line 6 does not have responses to the consumer or spare parts or technical service. The digital amplifiers stop working after 5 or 8 years. A disappointment for Line 6. I am going to switch to the more expensive analog one, but repairable. a disappointment spider valve hd 100 changed all the valves and then it broke for the digital board. there are no spare parts there is no technical service nor do they answer on line 6.
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