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  1. Hi Arislaf, I bought a JTV-59 two weeks ago from Ebay, but didn't recognise any of he patches on it, so I reflashed it to factory defaults. it didn't sound as good, and I was getting odd popping sounds, particularly when strings were plucked. Other people have had this problem and recommended reverting to 1.9, which I tried and was better. I then realised that what was loaded when I got it was your Realistic bundle, so I downloaded and installed, all is now well in the world again! What a fantastic job you have done, a real labour of love. A couple of things, do you have a list of all of the models that you could post that I could print off to have a hard copy? What guitars are your acoustic patches based on. Lastly, as a matter of interest, I play a bit of mandolin, not really a mandolin player, just a bit of Steve Earle, Copperhead Road etc. I've taken your bouzouki patch, muted the low E and A strings, and tuned the rest to standard guitar tuning D, G, B and E, I can the play passable mandolin things with normal guitar chords. Once again, many thanks for all your hard work.
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