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  1. Aah late reply. I've been on holiday meanwhile. I got the helix 6 lt. For now I use it just as a stomp box + pre amp sim into the return of my peavey. I use amp + cab sim through headphones late at night. But the helix lt was a bit bigger than my gf anticipated and is complaining about too much material. Thinking I might sell my katana and peavey amp and get a qsc K12.2.
  2. Looking at the manual as we speak. Kinda excited actually. Tomorrow is the day :-D
  3. Thank you for the answer rd2rk. I want to keep it simple, meaning I don't want to tap dance on a pedal board or have 7 dials to setup 1 effect. I hope I'm explaining it in a good way. I don't mind putting effort in getting a good tone, I just not want to do it with a lot of equipment/settings/dials. I'm going to the the extra large keymusic shop tomorrow. See if I can try some of the multi effectors there. Problem is they have boss katana but no peavey bass amp. Might bring my amp with me to test.
  4. Thanks for the answer rd2rk. I have the katana 100 with the fx loop. I thought to just put it on clean+flat eq and use the multi effects to shape the sound by setting pedals up. Is it viable for bass? I rather have just 1 for guitar and bass to keep it simple and so I don't have too much equipment lying around.
  5. Hello, I am thinking for a while know to buy a multi effect unit. I played guitar for a long time but I'm now switching to bass. Since I don't want to buy stomp boxes for both I want to have 1 effector i can use for both (which I understood I could use the hx effects for both bass and guitar) I only ever owned a boss me-25 which sounds... Not that good. But I heard good things from gt1000.,me-50 and this line 6. I own a godin 59 custom with boss katana (for guitar ) and a yamaha trbx 505 with a peavey max 150 for bass. The sounds I play with friends are rhcp, black sabbath, twisted sisters and some more punk oriated bands we are adding more as we go. (mainly 70-80-90 punk, rock, hard Rock and a bit of metal). Setup would be, amps on clean/flat, everything signal wise I want to do on the multi effector so I don't have to stop and dial buttons on the amp. Is this line 6 product going to suit my needs and what can I expect from the quality that I will hear both for guitar and bass. Also is it possible to have an eq setup pet patch and is this equilizer any good or just simple 3-band? Same question about the quality of a compressor in it if there is one. Thanks in advance, Steven
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