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  1. My purchase of the Spider V 240hc with the G10 transmitter was an exciting moment for me. I have been using Line 6 products exclusively since my very first POD purchase, and then my first Spider practice amp. Graduating to my first ever guitar head, my Spider V 240hc, changed my entire world of guitar playing. It was less than 6 months after buying my amp that the G10 transmitter battery life went from around 6 hours, plus or minus 30 minutes to less than an hour and now, 9 months since purchasing the combo the G10 barely takes a charge at all. I started my wireless guitar gear with the Line 6 G30 transmitter/receiver combo and it quit working a little over a year later. So, I was thrilled with this Spider V 240hc/ G10 combo, and at first it was all I wished it could be. But, for it being less than a year since acquiring the setup, I must say that I am more than a little disappointed. Without the use of my G10 it is always a thorn in my side and I’m stuck feeling like a major component is absent in what I originally chose to purchase. I am only writing this in hopes that Line 6 has decided to do something more than a firmware update which seems to be far less than making it right for their customers. As I have been a devoted customer of Line 6 products this issue is one that may sway me away from their previously stellar products to another line altogether. As with all relationships when commitment appears to be less than valuable, it would be very defeating to simply be stuck with a loss of such an important tool.
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