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  1. I too bought a Pod Go and pre-covid gigged many several times a month for many years using a Boss ME80 which I loved. The sounds of the Pod Go are superior but do wish that one or two extra effects would have been just perfect. Maybe if there was a little logic in-built that would give you an additional block if it was less DSP hungry or mono effects? As a slight work around I have used a Pre-Amp Drive as a distortion or over drive but, I would love to have had a a compressor and delay in the mix.. Still love it, just could have adored it.. :-) My band is 4 piece (drums, bass, singer and myself doing all the guitar work) which means that I don't have the luxury of dropping in and out to change user banks or pre-sets. Basically, I need to be clever with the user defined pre-sets to and just change up or down depending on the song before it starts. For that little extra cost that most would have been willing to pay, it could have been the hands down best mid-point multifx device on the market.
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