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  1. First of all, I am very pleased to learn that you all try hard to help. Thanks for that. One Information was not said by me. When I make a fresh Installation of HX Edit 3.0 with all check boxes checked, I also install the Line 6 updater (for the Stomp). This is working without any problems. So my Stomp is ok with the update 3.01. I can record over the Stomp via USB to Audacity - no problem. Only the damned HX Edit don't want to open at all.
  2. Yes, I am sure that we are talking about HX Edit. The HX Stomp is working good with 3.01. No Problems so far with the Stomp. A few Minute ago I loaded 2.90 (because if you want get 2.92 working, you have to load and install 2.90 first). I installed 2.90 and it opened immediately. Then I loaded 3.0.... nothing. The only USB plug that I have in my PC is the wireless mouse and keyboard.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I looked to the checksum - ok, tried edge - did not open, tried IE - nothing, tried Firefox - nothing, made Windows Update to 20H2 and started again - nothing. Really need an idea, I am at the end of my line
  4. It's not, that you can't download the HX Edit 3.0 File. You can also install the new HX Edit 3.0, but it will not open. You click on the icon, the circle is spinning a second or so, and then....nothing.
  5. Hi, I updated my HX Stomp to 3.01 and everything worked fine. Then I tried to update HX Edit to 3.0 The download and the installation seemed to be fine, but after that I couldn't start HX edit. I clicked on the icon but nothing happened. Dont know what went wrong. Any advice? Greetings from Germany Ryner
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