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  1. Hi Soundog, I am indeed stuck having exhausted all options in the UK. I would be very appreciative to take up your offer if it still stands, and can pay you up front via paypal if that works? Here is the note from Fullcompass on how to order, as the part is not visible on the website. Hello, Part# 50-00-0159 is the model selector pot for Variax 700. $14.65. To place an order please call 800-356-5844 and have the appropriate part#(s) on hand.
  2. E&M have put me onto Sontec, a company in Norwich. They are on the case currently to see if they can get the part.
  3. Very kind of you, thanks. the part no is 50-00-0159 , but you are quite right there is no page showing it on the fullcompass site. Fullcompass assure me that is the part, then assured me that I cannot buy it from the UK lol I'll try the UK tipoffs from psarkissian first. If i have no joy I would greatly appreciate taking up your offer.
  4. Your article was a good read, thanks. Not sure that is the same switch. I know the part no is 50-00-0159. Unfortunately fullcompass cannot sell it to me as I'm in the UK.
  5. Could anybody tell me where I could buy a replacement model selector rotary switch for my Variax 700 solid body electric guitar? I have just bought this awesome guitar and it looks like it took a knock in transit and is now faulty. Thanks in advance.
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